S.H. MonsterArts Mechagodzilla & Garuda & Fire Rodan Makuhari Decisive Battle Ver. "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" Action Figure

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Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the release of "GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA" comes a glorious set including MECHAGODZILLA, the GARUDA, and FIRE RODAN!

MECHAGODZILLA is based on the 2017 edition S.H.MonsterArts Super MECHAGODZILLA, with updated coloring for an all-new feel. The new bluish-silver hue evokes the blue lighting during filming and enhances the concept of the artificial diamond coating that MECHAGODZILLA was said to be coated with; in the film. A portion of the head was resculpted to allow for the insertion of an optional damaged eye to re-create the battle with FIRE RODAN.

The GARUDA was recolored to match the MECHAGODZILLA as well. An included stand allows it to be displayed in standalone flight mode. And of course, it can be combined with MECHAGODZILLA to create Super MECHAGODZILLA!

FIRE RODAN is based on the 2015 release with new coloring designed to evoke its on-screen appearance more closely. Just as with the GARUDA, it includes a stand for display in flight.

Accessories - MECHAGODZILLA includes an optional plasma grenade launcher stomach part, and 450mm long G-Crusher cable weapons, allowing you to re-create dramatic moments from the film. Optional hands allow you to display it in flight configuration.

Set Includes:

  • Optional hands
  • Optional stomach part for MECHAGODZILLA
  • G-Crusher cable set
  • GARUDA attachment part
  • GARUDA stand
  • Damaged head for MECHAGODZILLA
  • FIRE RODAN stand

All items are intended for adult collectors and not for children under 13 as there are small sharp items that are choking hazard