Hello We are Toyz In the Box.

We started collecting toys/collectibles since early 1990's We have been buying them and collecting until we saw the potential of value rising and noticed that we can have this same thing happen to other people.  So this is why we started selling.

Now that we take Pre-Orders through our website, not only are you getting an early bird price but also a sweet price.

Sometimes when you visit different websites you will see thousands of products and sometimes it's frustrating to go through all of the pages to find what you are looking for.  We try our best to save you time and get the products that you are looking for.

We are located in Los Angeles California

We have been in business since 2013

This is our grand opening 2014 online shop.

We are located at


2334 S Atlantic Blvd

Suite F

Monterey Park, CA 91754


Our retail store hours are from Every day 1pm-6pm Monday- Sunday

If you have any quesitons, you can currently mail us toyzinthebox@gmail.com thank you