As of 06/01/15, any pre-orders placed as of this date and cancelled, we will charge a 5% cancellation fee. You will not receive a cancellation fee IF 3 months have passed the pre order scheduled date and we still have not received the item (International orders are last item on pre order list if more than one item).  For example if pre order scheduled date is 05/30/15 and you cancel the order on or before 08/29/15, you will receive a 5% fee If the date is 09/02/15 and haven't received order for a 05/30/15 scheduled date, then you will not receive the fee. Also if it is your first order with us or we review that you have cancelled multiple orders, we may restrict you from future pre orders.

Please note, if you pay by Credit Card, you would like to cancel and it has been over a month, the refund may not be put back to your account and you will have to have a paypal account so we could refund back.


We reserve the right to cancel any order at our discretion.