Square Enix Bring Arts Final Fantasy Creatures Odin and Sleipner Action Figure

He cleaves advancing enemies in twain with a single thundering blow from his blade, Zantetsuken, the namesake of his signature attack. He is Odin, one of the most popular summons in the Final Fantasy series, now recreated as a Creatures Bring Arts figure under the careful artistic direction of legendary sculptor Takayuki Takeya! Odin can be posed riding horseback on his trusted steed Sleipnir, the six-legged stallion. With multiple ball jointing of the figures (even Odin's cape) makes these figures highly posable. Careful consideration has been paid to the coloring of these figures, with gradated shadows and detailed shading implemented thoughtfully in order to emphasize the details of the sculpt. For anyone who loves Final Fantasy, this figure is a must have! Odin stands roughly 9 1/2-inches tall, while Sleipnir is approximately 11-inches tall.

All items are intended for adult collectors and not for children under 13 as there are small sharp items that are choking hazard