Kaiyodo Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Wonder Woman Action Figure

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Appears in Ngu Yamaguchi! ・ The world's first female super hero [Wonder Woo], one of the most popular DC heroes

[Man] in the REBIRTH version!

・ Movement of the sexy and brilliantly trained body line is unique to ball joints and Katsuhisa Yamaguchi

A medieval-style battle style that swings swords and shields with a combination of movable shafts

To express.

・ Face parts are a normal face that ties the lips together, a charming smiling face, and a scream that releases the fighting spirit

Comes with 3 types of face. Equipped with a movable eyeball gimmick on all, you can direct the line of sight freely.

・ Long waved black hair is movable by dividing the lower part into left and right, and it seems that the hair stands upside down with a figure that flutters in the wind and pressure

Can express.

・ Red and blue coloring and gold decorations are also dazzling.

The cloak modeled in is also produced with separate parts. Metallic swords and shields, bundled and held on the waist, holding in both hands

A wealth of weapon parts such as the “true lasso” that can be done.

・ Two types of effect parts can be attached to the non-destructible bracelet. Hit the enemy

I enjoyed the appearance as a super heroine with the ability to protect not only defeat but with posing

i will.

All items are intended for adult collectors and not for children under 13 as there are small sharp items that are choking hazard