Bandai Saint Seiya D.D.Panoramation Extension Set : Fire Clock of the Sanctuary -Goddess Athena and Soldiers

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D.D.PANORAMATION is a combination of action figures and "structure parts" that let you build tiny worlds right on your tabletop. This dramatic set centers on Goddess Athena and her soldiers, and looks great alone or combined with other sets. It includes a 100mm Athena figure, her staff, an optional closed-eye expression face part, Athena's hair parts, three soldiers, one fire clock set, 48 fire parts (on sprue), thick poles (x6, requires assembly), temple gate, large stand, small stand (x2), stairs (x2), support arm, clip, and one set of structure parts (on sprue, requires assembly.)

Product size: Approx 4"
Package size: Approx 13.8"x8.5"x6"


All items are intended for adult collectors and not for children under 13 as there are small sharp items that are choking hazard